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Hello friends,

This is my entry for the BoltJam #3. I'm definitely not really a programmer, but I made this entire game without a single line of code. All thanks to the ridiculously powerful and awesome tool:Bolt. Totally check it out here!

Fizzy Hop is basically Golf meets "Keep it up"- the latter being a fond game from my childhood friend circle! 

There's only 3 levels right now, and I don't really have any intention of completing this project beyond where it's at now. That being said, I had A TON of fun working on it and learned so much! Please let me know what you think! :D 


Aiming phase: Press the buttons on the Vendo-Machine to set your direction, and then hold down space to charge, release to launch.

Volley Phase: The goal is to keep the can up without it getting too fizzy.

Think of this part like "keep it up". 

WASD/Left Stick: Controls the blaster that rotates around the object. 

Space/Y: Charges up the blaster's force. 

**If you don't input a direction for the blaster, and you hold down charge, it will launch you forward. 

R: to restart in case of accidents...

Assets/Tools Used


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Development log


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Made a video


Sick, ty! :D 

It would be easier if I had read those instructions before playing, but it was super fun (and frustrating... and fun) discovering the mechanics! Anyway, i delivered bloody batteries to the robots and had a blast doing it!


Very nice! Once I figured out how to make my way to robots, was fun to pop the can :D

Cool idea and tv-filter and the used models fits nicely together. Good job!

Thanks, friend!! :D 


minor issue: could you add the ability to kick the can backwards, there have been a few moments where I overshot.

That was kind of part of the design initially. My thinking was that in golf you kind of just go one direction? I've been pretty annoyed with overshooting it myself too hah. If I pop back to this game, I'll totally make a backwards button :)
Thanks for playin! 


This game was a lot of fun to play! I can only imagine how much fun it was to test and build. The levels were decently challenging, although I'm not very good at juggling it in the air, so allowing me to kick my can slowly towards the goal was very forgiving! My favorite part was when the Robots say *SUGAR!*

Thanks :D