In the future, dangerous thrill-seekers  blow up moons and harvest their delicious luxurious insides! 

Land on moons, jump off moons! When your feet are close, hold down spacebar to charge a jump. Jetpack is refueled after jumping; use it wisely. Don't get stranded!

🚀 You can aim your jump while you charge them.

🚀 Your jetpack does not have much gas, and honestly isn't even that strong. Try to rely on your jumps more!

🚀 Seriously, don't get stranded and don't slow down too much- there's a giant toxic cloud chasing you!

Tools used:




The music on the main menu was made by an Ai at I simply uploaded my little cosmonaut and it gave me...technically music.

The game music was from


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interesting gameplay!

ty :) 

The original concept actually involved steering a ship by leaping around it. I had to cut that part tho 😭